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Health Care Organizations:

  • National and regional health systems
  • Integrated health care delivery networks
  • Academic medical centers
  • Urban, suburban and rural hospitals
  • Public health and hospitals
  • Physician practices and groups
  • Ambulatory and outpatient facilities
  • Cancer centers
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Accountable care organizations (ACOs)
  • Home health care and hospice
  • Durable Medical Equipment companies
  • Mental health and substance abuse programs
  • Aging programs and facilities
  • Health plans
  • VA facilities
  • Military health care

Nonprofit Organizations:

  • National nonprofits
  • Community based organizations
  • Charities
  • Community groups
  • Fund raising/philanthropic organizations
  • State & national hospital associations
  • State & national aging associations
  • State & national home care associations
  • State & national hospice associations
  • Medical associations

Other Businesses and Organizations:

  • Travel and tourism
  • Sports and entertainment
  • Colleges and universities
  • Government agencies and programs
  • Military: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines
  • Manufacturing concerns
  • Retailers and malls
  • Large corporations and small businesses

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