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Speaking Engagements

During her career, Rhoda Weiss has given more than 700 speeches in 49 states and abroad to national and global audiences at conferences, seminars, workshops and board and management sessions and has been interviewed by scores of news media of scores of topics.

Rhoda Weiss is interviewed on CNN for a major story on corporate crisis management. In the long-format interview, she commented on crises continuing to plague corporations and how executives should prepare for and react to these mishaps. CNN is one of many TV, radio, newspaper and online media that tap Rhoda's expertise on this and other important topics.

2012-2011 Sampling of Presentations

2012 Sampling of Presentations

  • Rocky Mountain Health Care Conference Keynote, Salt Lake City
  • Health Care Leaders Executive Summit of Prominent Health System Executives Chair, Presenter and Leader, San Francisco
  • American Hospital Association Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development Annual Conference, Philadelphia
  • American Marketing Association Health Care Marketing Conference Leader/Keynote, Chicago
  • Hospital Review National Executive Conference Speaker for Marketing Session, Chicago
  • American Marketing Association Health Care Keynote, San Francisco

2011 Sampling of Presentations

  • United States Air Force Global Week-Long Conference in Washington, D.C. Keynote and Senior Conference Advisor
  • American Academy of Sleep Medicine Annual National Conference Keynote, San Diego
  • Ascension Health National Conference Keynote, St. Louis (69 acute care hospital system)
  • Public Relations Society of America Health Academy National Conference, Washington, DC
  • Hospital Review National Health Care Executive Conference - The Marketing Presentation, Chicago
  • Northstar Health System Management, Physician, Marketing and Board Presentations Keynotes Iron River, Michigan and Rhinelander, Wisconsin
  • American Marketing Association Health Care Marketing Two-Day Conferences Facilitator/Keynote, New York City and Chicago
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  • Listen to podcast interview with Rhoda Weiss at


Here's two past issues of the quarterly magazine Marketing Health Services that Rhoda Weiss serves as Editor-in-Chief. Published by American Marketing Association, the full-color magazine features the latest advances, best practices and thought leadership in marketing, strategy and communications with an editorial board of top health system executives.

Multiple appearances in the Wall Street Journal, including interviews on public relations and a published Letter to the Editor on the Wall Street Journal makeover

Rhoda and the late Tim Russert during the PRSA International Conference in Philadelphia that he keynoted and she presided over with 5,000 participants

Hawaii Public Radio business communications interview is

one of scores of media interviews on a variety of topics

Keynoting Health Leaders Media Annual National Conference and Awards in Chicago, one of hundreds of presentations she has given on various topics in the U.S. and internationally

Spartan Broadcast and Detroit Radio interviews on public relations,

plus interviews with Detroit News and Free Press on business name changes, using celebrities to support causes, etc

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